Tigers Angels Wildlife Conservation Project North Sumatra

Tigers Angels is dedicated to protecting wild tigers in their habitat. In September this year we purchased 10 wildlife camera traps, flew to a secret location where the Sumatran tiger is know to roam in North Sumatra Indonesia. Once we reached the outskirts of the rainforest we met our Tiger Ranger and local conservationist Haray Munthe who has spotted the elusive Sumatran tiger on a many occasions. Our six day expedition took place in one of Indonesia’s most unexplored rainforests, hidden¬† from humans for thousands of years. In fact the government doesn’t know of its existence.

The team were very excited to be the first people to trek into virgin rainforest where tigers have lived for thousands of years. We set up all 10 wildlife camera traps throughout the expedition and will revisit the rainforest with Haray again in 2018.

Here is a picture of our team of Tiger Rangers before they set of into the hidden rainforest.

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