Rare Sumatran Tiger Photo taken in hidden rainforest

Wow after climbing through thick unexplored rainforests of North Sumatra. We managed to set up 9 wildlife camera traps to see if there were any Sumatran tigers roaming in this neck of the woods. The trekking through virgin unexplored areas that took over five days to explore was virtually only  1% of the forests total land mass area. This is considered hidden from the rest of the world. No mention of it in any Indonesian maps not even on google maps, in fact the area has no name, its a hidden rainforests with a big secret shhhhhhh until now ! Don’t tell anyone that we have evidence that one of the rarest and one of the most critically endangered species in the world had its first ever picture taken. The ever elusive, striking and very very rare Sumatran tiger walked straight past our camera trap at night, right where we had set up our camping tents only weeks earlier. No one in the world ever knew tigers existed in this area. Probably because the forest is hidden and its been that way for thousands of years. Only the local villages know the secrets of this forest. Its 10 hours drive from any major city and to get to the local town its 3 hours drive on a roads that would test any Jeep or Range Rover followed by a canoe ride upstream for 2 hours then 1 days trekking and thats to get to the forest. No wonder its hidden!

We are thrilled to be sent this picture (thank you Haray local tiger ranger) as evidence that the Sumatran tiger lives and thrives in this part of the forests and we cant wait to see what the other cameras will reveal once we have gone back in and checked all of them.That will be another epic trip and lots of blood sweat and tears again.

This rainforest has so much unexplored areas yet to be discovered and maybe its best we keep it that way. We are passionate about protecting these last bits of virgin habitat. Its so important for tigers to have a forest like this for them to survive as a species. Hopefully it stays this way, unexplored, as these I’m sure the tigers have enjoyed thousands of years of non human conflict and destruction of their forest they call home.





The Snapback Tiger Ranger Trucker Hat is our offical hat used by tiger rangers in the rainforest and on tiger expeditions. This particular hat is designed with the two tiger heads and two eagle wings in gold embroidery on black back ground.

Our designs are always inspired by the animal kingdom with great detail and meaning. Each hat comes with a Japanese tiger symbol representing protection and a tiger paw representing the tigers presence. The hats also come with an endangered gold reflective seal. Enjoy your hat and wear it with pride.

Five-panel trucker design
Padded foam front: mesh back
Black shade: white crown panel
Curved peak
Woven logo label on both sides
Adjustable snapback fastening
Composition: Polyester & Cotton


Tigers Angels Wildlife Conservation Project North Sumatra

Tigers Angels is dedicated to protecting wild tigers in their habitat. In September this year we purchased 10 wildlife camera traps, flew to a secret location where the Sumatran tiger is know to roam in North Sumatra Indonesia. Once we reached the outskirts of the rainforest we met our Tiger Ranger and local conservationist Haray Munthe who has spotted the elusive Sumatran tiger on a many occasions. Our six day expedition took place in one of Indonesia’s most unexplored rainforests, hidden  from humans for thousands of years. In fact the government doesn’t know of its existence.

The team were very excited to be the first people to trek into virgin rainforest where tigers have lived for thousands of years. We set up all 10 wildlife camera traps throughout the expedition and will revisit the rainforest with Haray again in 2018.

Here is a picture of our team of Tiger Rangers before they set of into the hidden rainforest.


Tigers Angels launching new trucker hat range

Wildlife brand Tigers Angels has thrown their hat in the ring, cool designer trucker hat snapbacks that is.

Our brand has shifted its focus to more conservation projects and less fashion designs. We decided to aim at funding our own tiger conservation projects. That way we can be more involved in the forests with the tiger rangers, learning how to save and protect tigers from the ground up.

Tiger conservation is a life long project. We all must do our part in helping rebuild our fragile natural habitats. The past 50 years we have have wiped out 90% of the tiger population and its going to take millions of people and a lot of time to restore our rainforest and repopulate our wildlife to sustainable numbers.

Our snapback hats are very unique. We are one of the very few wildlife brands making designer hats for the fashion retail market. Our designs encompass all animals not just tigers. We need to shine a light on all wildlife animals that are fighting to survive. Tigers need other animals in their natural habitat to survive.

You can support any of our wildlife projects by purchasing our products.

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Darren Selby

Founder of Tigers Angels